Thursday, 24 October 2013


The final picture of my friend Frida. I'm pretty happy with the result!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Silicone, Fomelatex and gelatin

Character design

Mine was a sea-queen thingy Frida Hådén is my model and the mask is made with Foamelatex.
I had some problems with my joints but overall a think it looks good.

Mindstorm Lego

Playing with Legos new MINDSTORM
This was a Team-project so me and Frida hådén made this dog.
This was superfun. Our dog hade functions like colour sensor in his nose, so when he have a red block infront of his nose he opens his mouth and make sounds like chewing and barking. The other sensor he have is a push button on his head. So when you act like you scratching him on his head he barks and flapping his ears. So FUN  


So fun, I made the frontpage in the local newpaper. So for those who can read swedish enjoy ;)

The reporters quotes of me were really weird! in English direct translation = "He is my inspiration, only he"
haha weird

Hayao miyasaki

Hayao  Miyasaki as my famous skulpting person.
We had a class with Jim Vikström about skulpting a human face, a famous person. I Choose Hayao Miyasaki. A very fun lesson and I learn a lot. I made his face a little big but he has sort of a big head, not in a negative way but a good way. The challenge for me was to remember to take a few step back and look at what I've done, if you just stand there close up to the skulpture everything will be wrong with the proportions. So the key too a good skulpting head is too open your eyes and look at what you've done.

Later on we made a palster form of it.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More fun

Hello everyone!

I sorry for not writing for a while, but I'am here now to announce that I have made a portfolio for more bussiness stuff. So if your interested in more of my art check out this webbsite for more fun:
And please don't be afraid to contact me or write a comment, I LOVE to hear what you have to say about what I do and if you any idea questions just ask me anything!  

OH and here is a forgotten piece I made this spring. I found a new style that I like a lot and will keep on making more of this. BTW this is me and my handsome father from 20 year ago. FUN FUN.
// LOVE Mikaela

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Busy II

More stuff for the movie. A music box, from and patination- Simon Karlsson, paint and mice made by me =)  The black thing is a crow that i flocculate and painted scary. 


I have been busy with a lot of things. Making stuff for a set designer for a school project. these are the art that i made! 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rabbit head

Our newest assignment is an animal head, I chose the rabbit!
First we made it in clay the way we wanted it, later on we splash on some plaster and make a mold of it, so we can pour down some latex afterwards. Many layers!
When that is done I made my ears in "Air X" Latex on them so they look more vivid.
The final step is to put on fur, I got lucky to get real fur.
The result: FAB
Just need a little more fur for the ear then I'm done =)

Sunday, 6 January 2013


This painting was for my grandma in christmas present, she was very happy for it =)