Tuesday 29 September 2015

New and Old

Hello pretty people!
This post will be about some old illustrations and the newest one that is still under construction.

The older ones are actually very inspired by youtube blogers/ vlogers, And also brands like wildfox.
I hope that the quality does not affect how you will look at them. I will scan them in when I get the money to buy a scanner! :)

hope you like them and also the newest one at the end.

Monday 24 August 2015

Leshrac skulpture

Hello sweet people
This is my newest projcet! Dota2 characters! 
Say hello to Leshrac! 
I am also making a cast of it but that comes later. Any thoughts please share with me! 

Have a nice day!

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Alstromeria / Anemone

 Week of Flowers: This is how i turned out, colorful and fun!
I liked the ide of putting the actually flower petals in the book along with the sketches :)

Next up: Cloves Flower! Enjoy.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Week of Flowers

I have started a project that involves flower. Every week i pick a new flower that seems interesting and i study it, sketching it. Hopefully from every angle. 

Previously for the past 2 week I selected a dark purple/red "Crowfoot flower" (Ranunkel). That went pretty well I think. The second week however i picked the Poppy flower (Vallmo). It died before it even blossom, so not many sketches from that flower. I waited for it to blom but it never happened :(
I don't want to google picture either but i might do that now.  

So this week, today I went to the flower shop to buy a new one and i found Alstroemeria (Alströmeria) the purple flower in the photo. It's a genus of the lily. I also picked the white flower in the picture because i thought it looked like a poppy flower but was wrong! 
It's actually an Anemone flower (Anemon) SO this week, 2 flowers!

I update in the weeks end,
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Wednesday 28 January 2015


Late update on the xmas card I did this christmas! I was insprired by differnt fonts and colours in lots!