Wednesday 11 February 2015

Alstromeria / Anemone

 Week of Flowers: This is how i turned out, colorful and fun!
I liked the ide of putting the actually flower petals in the book along with the sketches :)

Next up: Cloves Flower! Enjoy.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Week of Flowers

I have started a project that involves flower. Every week i pick a new flower that seems interesting and i study it, sketching it. Hopefully from every angle. 

Previously for the past 2 week I selected a dark purple/red "Crowfoot flower" (Ranunkel). That went pretty well I think. The second week however i picked the Poppy flower (Vallmo). It died before it even blossom, so not many sketches from that flower. I waited for it to blom but it never happened :(
I don't want to google picture either but i might do that now.  

So this week, today I went to the flower shop to buy a new one and i found Alstroemeria (Alströmeria) the purple flower in the photo. It's a genus of the lily. I also picked the white flower in the picture because i thought it looked like a poppy flower but was wrong! 
It's actually an Anemone flower (Anemon) SO this week, 2 flowers!

I update in the weeks end,
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